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Unlicensed Medicines

Unlicensed Medicines

Is your hospital in short supply of a pharmaceutical that’s notoriously difficult to source?
Thanks to our worldwide list of trusted contacts, AVPharma has the ability to provide you with a wide range of products using our network of reliable suppliers.
In addition, our stringent quality checks ensure all sourced pharmaceuticals are fully compliant with MHRA standards.

Our professional team not only provide a fast service at a competitive price, they also have a comprehensive knowledge of all the products we source and supply. So if you have any questions about our global supply chain, feel free to ask one of our specialist team members.

At AV Pharma

We specialise in supplying unlicensed medicines, including products that consist of:

  • Different delivery vehicles

  • Non-standard strength

  • Unusual formulation

  • Preservative / additive free

  • Overseas licensed

  • Discontinued licensed products

  • Medium / long term unavailable products

As well as Special obtain lines which consist of:

  • White List Appliances (i.e. Coloplast Ostomy products)

  • Food Substances (i.e. Gluten free breads)

  • Branded Generics (i.e Vennax)

  • Named Patient Items (i.e. Nabilone Capsules)

  • Borderline Substances (i.e. Acetylcysteine)

  • Short Supply Products (i.e. Mediven Stockings)

  • Made to Measure Hosiery

Get In Touch:

Whether you are a niche supplier looking for new markets or a healthcare professional looking for a particular specialist we have the experts to help achieve your goals, just get in touch.