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Pharmaceutical Distribution

Partnering with niche manufacturers to achieve market presence across Southeast Asia and Australasia

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Welcome to AV Pharma

AVPharma work directly with specialist manufacturers in the UK and EU to exclusively distribute their pharmaceutical products to reputable partners throughout Southeast Asia and Australasia.

We honour our uncompromising commitment to quality throughout each stage of the process, from introduction through registration and distribution, guaranteeing that there is strict adherence to all protocols and every demand has been meticulously met.

Our Services

AVPharma offer the complete package in supplying a huge range of high-quality pharmaceuticals across Southeast Asia and Australasia

International Exporters
Unlicensed Medicines
Market Drug Shortages
Clinical Trials

We Distribute

We distribute innovative pharmaceutical products across the world, specialising in Southeast Asia and Australasia

We Simplify

We simplify the process for pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering a full registration, marketing, logistics and distribution service

We Source

We source and supply a vast range of medicines to fulfil market drug shortage needs

Let’s Do Business

Whether you are a niche supplier looking for new markets or a healthcare professional looking for a particular specialist we have the experts to help achieve your goals, just get in touch